Welcome to ARGE Austrian Energy CERT

ARGE E-CERT: background and organisation

ARGE Austrian Energy CERT covers all parts of the energy industry (suppliers, generators and distributors)

The consortium Arbeitsgemeinschaft Austrian Energy Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), also known as ARGE E-CERT, was set up on the initiative of Oesterreichs Energie in conjunction with the Association of Gas and District Heating Supply Companies (FGW).

ARGE E-CERT’s responsibilities

ARGE E-CERT is primarily responsible for supporting and managing activities connected with the legal, organisational and technical structure and operation of the Austrian Energy CERT (AEC) for the energy sector.

Set up at the end of October 2015, ARGE E-CERT comprises companies from both the electricity and gas industries.

Europe’s first industry-specific CERT, AEC focuses on the entire Austrian energy sector. Its activities are regulated by the NIS Directive, which entered into force in August 2016.


Technical details of IT security incidents must be reported directly to EnergyCERT.at