Electricity industry

Oesterreichs Energie represents the interests of the Austrian electricity industry, which are drawn up jointly by industry representatives. It aims to safeguard the sector’s interests in its dealings with politicians, public administrative bodies and the general public.

Professionalism and expertise provide a solid basis for balancing interests within the industry. Working on these foundations, Oesterreichs Energie makes every effort to create the best possible operating environment for electricity companies, in turn ensuring that the industry is ideally placed to tackle future challenges.

Ongoing collaboration with political decision makers in Austria and abroad allows Oesterreichs Energie to represent its members’ energy-policy interests. The legal, regulatory, technical and financial frameworks for the liberalised electricity market are fine-tuned by working groups in which the relevant ministries and the energy regulator are also involved.

Oesterreichs Energie currently represents around 140 member companies with a total of about 21,500 employees. These companies account for over 90% of the electricity produced in Austria, and operate the country’s transmission and distribution systems. In 2012, Oesterreichs Energie’s members generated a combined 65 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, with sustainable hydropower accounting for 65% of the total.

The organisation holds regular negotiations on collective agreements with employee representatives, and concludes collective agreements for electricity company employees on behalf of employers.