ARGE Austrian Energy CERT consortium

This partnership is aimed at establishing and operating a computer emergency response team (CERT) for the Austrian electricity and gas industries – known as the Austrian Energy CERT (E-CERT) – as well as the related engagement of a service provider and utilisation of its services.

ARGE E-CERT structure

ARGE Austrian Energy CERT consists of 20 partners representing all of the companies in the Austrian gas and electricity industries.

The consortium is made up of:

  • the country’s 13 largest electricity companies,
    some of them operating in more than one segment: electricity generation and distribution, and gas
  • the Austrian electricity transmission system operator
  • the four main gas transmission and distribution system operators (TSOs and DSOs)
  • Austria’s largest electricity generator and wholesaler
  • a pool consisting of the country’s smaller energy companies


The parties to the agreement have set up a consortium in the form of a civil law partnership (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts), meaning that it has no legal personality. It is officially known as ARGE “Errichtung und Betrieb eines Computer Emergency Response Team für die österreichische Elektrizitäts- und Gaswirtschaft” (Consortium for the Formation and Operation of a Computer Emergency Response Team for the Austrian Electricity and Gas Industry), or ARGE E-CERT for short.

The advisory board liaises with the relevant public authorities.


ARGE E-CERT Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of two members appointed by the consortium partners for a one-year term; the Board members can be dismissed at any time.


Stefan Wagenhofer

Walter Fraissler


ARGE E-CERT management

The members of the management team represent ARGE collectively.

Gerald Obernosterer
KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH 

Christian Pennerstorfer
Austrian Power Grid AG


Oesterreichs Energie

Ursula Tauschek

Armin Selhofer